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Tanisha Cable Network is a leading company in the era of information technology for networking solutions for both business and home users. Our reliable High performance IT solutions are designed for a variety of environments, providing wired and wireless connectivity within remote and branch offices, telecommuters and the remote mobile workforce. Our Complete line of award winning, value based networking solutions includes the everything from switches at the core with the routers at the edge along with the dedicated bandwidth as per user demand, enabling user to share Internet access, among multiple computers and other internet enabled devices.

We deliver the IT Solutions and technical resources needed by small and medium sized Businesses, Government agencies, and the Educational Community To expand their networks .We provide connectivity to remote and branch offices, and within departmental and campus environments And we enable telecommuters and the remote mobile workforce to stay securely connected to main office. Our Solutions also provide them with the means to protect their data, communications, and network integrity. We center on value rich solutions priced to appeal to any budget-minded buyer looking for a cost effective solution that can also offer wide compatibility across operating systems, related products and network protocols.

We concentrate on the networking needs as well as different IT solutions needs of small to medium-sized organizations with one or many Buildings and campuses, including those in education, government, finance and banking law, medicine and healthcare, real estate, hospitality and entertainment, hot spots and retail.

Tanisha Cable Network supplies comprehensive baseline and advance coverage to those who purchase our IT solutions. We offer 24x7 technical supports on all our solutions. Customer satisfaction is how services are offered at their end and we are more concerned to provide the best services to the customer for their satisfaction.

Call us today at +91-74893-12345 or Email us at support@tanishacablenet.com

We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support to make their Life Wonderful
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